The name Diventi is a present form of the Italian verb diventare, meaning "to become, to grow (into), to turn into". This is the essence of the passion for creation that is Diventi Enterprises. It is very fulfilling to take a product from concept to reality. Diventi Enterprises, LLC has a two-fold objective: develop creative and useful products and assist others in bringing their product dreams to life! If you have a product idea but need assistance to develop it, I would love to help you! Here are the services available:


| Free initial consultation |

| Regardless of whether I get the business or not, I'm happy to be a sounding board |

| I'm totally okay with signing your NDA prior to our discussions | 

| CAD 3D models | CAD 2D drawings |

| Prototyping (3D printing, CNC machining, electro-mechanical, programming, assembly) |

| Manufacturing (domestic or international) |

| Shipping (first level: from manufacturer to your location) |



| Product Development with Provo Craft 2005 - 2012 |

| Owner Diventi Enterprises; entrepreneur and contract mechanical engineer 2009 - present |

| Provide proof of concept engineering and prototyping services to Provo Craft in the development of Cricut products |


Jeff Gubler, owner of Diventi Enterprises, resides in Springville, Utah. He is the proud father of three amazing children who have given him eight adorable grandchildren.

Please contact me at